June 14, 2024

Crypto enthusiasts, prepare for an exciting opportunity as the EVM Token Airdrop presents a chance to earn 1 billion EVM tokens, equivalent to approximately $10. Additionally, there’s an enticing referral program that offers a whopping 100 billion EVM tokens (approximately $1,000) for the top 20 referrers. In this article, we will dive into the details of this airdrop and guide you through the steps to participate.

Airdrop Details: A Bounty for the Community

1 Billion EVM (around $10) for 2000 Random Participants is the task.

In order to celebrate its arrival in the cryptocurrency space, EVM Token is kindly giving away 1 billion EVM tokens, or roughly $10, to 2000 randomly selected individuals. Crypto enthusiasts now have a fantastic chance to learn more about the EVM token ecosystem and claim their fair portion of EVM tokens.

Referral Scheme: Tokens worth 100 billion EVM, or about $1,000

Participate in the referral program to have a chance to win an astounding 100 billion EVM tokens, or almost $1,000. The following rewards will be given to the top 20 referrers:

  • 1: 25 billion EVM, or almost $250.
  • Runner-up: 14 billion EVM, or about $140.
  • Place 3: 10 billion EVM, or almost $100.
  • Places 4 through 20: 3 billion EVM (around $30). Everybody

This referral program offers a fantastic incentive to share the EVM Token Airdrop with your network.

Participating in the Airdrop

To get started with the EVM Token Airdrop and claim your EVM tokens, follow these straightforward steps:

Airdrop Bot: Go to the EVM Token Airdrop Bot on Telegram to get started. The EVM Token Airdrop Bot is the link that will allow you to access it. Once there, carry out the subsequent actions:

  • Telegram Groups: Become a member of the @evm_token Telegram group and the @evm_token_news Telegram channel. This requires 400 million EVM tokens and is a necessary step.
  • Twitter Task: Use the following hashtags: #evm #bsc #memecoin #ElonVsMark, tag three friends in the pinned post, like, retweet, and comment on it. You can also follow EVM Token on Twitter at @evmtoken. 400 million EVM tokens are also needed to finish this assignment.
  • Not Required Tasks: You can get an extra 200 million EVM tokens by completing the extra tasks that the airdrop bot offers.
  • Put Your Details Here: To guarantee that you receive your EVM tokens, remember to give the airdrop bot your details.

Important Dates

The EVM Token Airdrop is set to conclude on November 8, 2023. After the conclusion of the airdrop, the distribution of tokens is scheduled for November 15, 2023.

In Conclusion

Cryptocurrency aficionados have a fantastic opportunity to obtain EVM tokens through the EVM Token Airdrop. This event is not to be missed, with a huge airdrop pool of 2.1 trillion EVM tokens (roughly $21,000), corresponding to 0.21% of the total supply.

Be sure to meticulously finish every process, extend an invitation to your network to join, and eagerly await the distribution date to get your EVM tokens. Don’t pass up this wonderful chance, and enjoy airdropping!

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